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Dahlias: Their care and cultivation


Native to Central America, dahlias are named after plant collector Andreas Dahl who was born in Sweden. From its original basic form the Dahlia has come a long way to the huge list of cultivars available today


One of the easiest plants to grow, the dahlia is tolerant of a wide range of soil types and situations.  The ideal of course is a light open soil in full sun.  The plants, which come from the modified root or tuber are not frost hardy and therefore should be planted out in late May or early June depending on your location in the country.  In some very mild south coastal...

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Tulip Shown here is Double Late Orca which is stunning.

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Have a look at this great site - for  online horticulture courses. They have fantastic articles online full of information especially on bulbs.

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Have a look at this great article by Andy McIndoe the MD of Hilliers on which Dahlias to grow.

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Check out this blog by Andy McIndoe, MD of Hilliers Garden Centres about lilies which features our sister company Living Colour Bulbs. Most these varieties are available on our website so buy lilies now for spectacular summer colour, elegance and fragrance.


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Begonias can be started off indoors in a light room, conservatory or greenhouse. The tubers need to be planted in trays or pots with the hollow side up and covered with no more than 1cm of soil or potting compost. The soil or potting compost should be kept moist but not too wet. After the threat of all frost has gone the tubers can be transplanted outside or planted directly into the soil. When planting outside ensure that the soil is light and free draining. If the soil is not free draining add some sand (drainage) or compost (provides aeration) to the soil before planting.


Check out our article below for a step by step...

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