Div. 1 - Trumpet

Division 1 daffodils have one flower to a stem with the trumpet or corona as long or longer than the perianth segments.

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Daffodil Division 1 Trumpet Mount Hood AGM
The trumpet of Mount Hood will open a sulphur lemon yellow before fading in a couple of days to p..

Flowering time: March-April
Height: 35-45cm

Daffodil Division 1 Trumpet Rijnvelds Early Sensation AGM
Amongst one of the earliest trumpet daffodils to flower. Bright yellow. As it flowers so early th..

Flowering time: January-February
Height: 25-30cm

Platinum Mixture Daffodils and Narcissi
A really exceptional mixture of daffodils that will give a spread of flowering for over 90days in..

Flowering time: February-April
Height: 30-40cm

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