Plant Food

Give your bulbs the best start and maintain their performance with our range of products.

Also available:
Bulb Starter
Designed as a linked sale for all bulbs at time of planting Empathy BULB STARTER ensures the idea..
We continually use this to help the rapid development of the root system and as such highly recom..
Tomato Feed
This product is a must for anyone growing bulbs in containers. Adding Tomato Feed to the wat..
Vitax Blood, Fish & Bone
This traditional style fertiliser, still favoured by many gardeners, provides the three major nut..
Vitax Bonemeal
This is a sterilised bonemeal which is excellent for the continued growth of bulbs, tubers and co..
Yellow Sulphur
Yellow sulphur is excellent in protecting against the storage rots of bulbs, corms and tubers. Id..
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