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Daffodil Division 10 Species moschatus
Dwarf narcissi moschatus is such a beautiful and graceful variety with a well formed trumpet of p..

Flowering time: March-April
Height: 25-30cm

Hippeastrums (Amaryllis) Ferrari
Some of our amaryllis have very appropriate names and Ferrari is certainly one! One of our best v..

Flowering time: Nov-Jan
Height: 100-120cm

Ixia Spotlight
Ixia Spotlight has such wonderful blooms of creamy yellow with red spots and blotches that offer ..

Flowering time: June-July
Height: 35-50cm

Ixia super mixture
A fantastic mixture of jessie, Venus and spotlight, three very distinctive colours. They are best..

Flowering time: June-July
Height: 35-50cm

Lilium Passion Moon
Lilium Passion Moon is an orienpet lily (crossed between a oriental and trumpet lily). These lili..

Flowering time: July-August
Height: 100-120cm

Orchis militaris
Orchis militaris is from a superb group of terrestrial orchids native to Europe. Often know as th..

Flowering time: April-May
Height: 20-30cm

Tulip Breeder La Joyeuse
With rose pink petals and a slight apricot hue on the outside, La Joyeuse is a new Breeder type t..

Flowering time: May-June
Height: 60-70cm

Tulip Breeder Prince Albert
Named after the husband of Queen Victoria, this breeder tulip has lilac flowers which are flushed..

Flowering time: May-June
Height: 60-70cm

Tulip Duc van Tol Red and White
Tulip Duc van Tol Red and White has flowers of red edged white. Duc van Tol tulips are the fo..

Flowering time: April-May
Height: 20-25cm

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