Achimenes Ambroise Verschaffelt AGM


Ambroise Verschaffelt is just superb producing flowers of purplish blue on a white background.

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Ambroise Vershaffelt has flowers that are purplish pink/white and look quite superb. For continuous flowering we suggest planting at least 5 tubers in a 13cm pot in good indoor potting compost. Keep them moist in a light warm area, but not in direct sunlight. Best suited for growing indoors although in a very sheltered spot they could be grown outdoors but we do not recommend that with the UK weather patterns. Plant tubers 1.5cms deep and 2.5cms apart in a well drained soil. Keep pots indoors in a warm bright spot.

AGM= Award of Garden Merit by the RHS.

Achimenes are best grown indoors and watered with tepid water.

Aspect: Plant in indoor bulb fibre and keep indoors in a well lit room for flowering June/July.

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