Bletilla ochracea


Bletilla are gorgeous hardy orchids, this variety will produce lovely pale yellow flowers on quite tall stems.

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Bletilla ochracea is a gorgeous hardy orchid. Bletilla ochracea will produce lovely pale yellow flowers on quite tall stems. They are a delight to grow in the garden but should probably be bought indoors to over winter in the colder gardens and colder areas of the UK. Ideal for growing in containers and either positioning outdoors or indoors.

Growing Information

Soils should be well cultivated and free draining. They are best grown in humus rich soils with a high sand content which does of course help with drainage. To benefit future years flowering ensure they are fed during the growing period with bone meal or similar. Orchids will multiply easily once established and kept well fed.

General information

Flowering height: 12″ (30cm)

Flowering Period: May-June

Soil type: Humus rich, free draining soils that do not become waterlogged over winter

Aspect: Semi shade to full sun in soils that do not dry out. Also good to grow indoors

Additional information


Flowering time


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