Crocosmia Karin


Another stunning orange red crocosmia with a yellow blush.

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A new addition to our site this year, the flowers of Crocosmia Karin are a stunning orange-red with a yellow blush. Crocosmia’s increase well in the garden if left undisturbed and are also good for using as cut flowers. They are maintenance free and the striking flowers combined with the sword shaped leaves are ideal in any border. Plant crocosmia 8-10cms deep and 8cms apart. They enjoy full sun, but will also perform well in the semi-shaded areas of the garden. Leave undisturbed to naturalise for a number of years in the garden and when you feel they are getting overcrowded, just dig them up when they are dormant and re plant corms further apart.

Height: 26″ (70cm)

Soil type: Most soils that are free draining. Does not do well in very alkaline soils.

Aspect: Semi-shade to full sun.


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