Cypripedium calceolus


This is our only native Lady Slipper orchid and has wonderful flowers of reddish brown and yellow.

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Supplied in pots calceolus is the only British native Lady Sllpper orchid which is now almost extinct in the UK. These plants are from European seed and are very vigorus. The flowers are superb as they have large yellow/brown pouches on tall stems.  Best to plant in the shady parts of the garden, ensuring that they do not dry out during the summer months. Ideally suited for boggy parts of the garden. Some of the most beautiful of all orchids belong to this group. Commonly called slipper orchids they are splendid plants to grow in the garden. Plant in a shady part of the garden. May take a year to establish but well worth waiting for.

Aspect: Shady parts of the garden

Soil type: Free draining soils, with leaf mould and loam added

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