Galtonia viridiflora


Galtonia has hyacinth like flowers and viridiflora have a greenish tinge to the white blooms.

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Galtonia viridiflora will produce lovely hyacinth like flowers which are greenish-white. It is slightly scented and sometimes referred to as the summer hyacinth. The flowers of galtonias are in our opinion very underestimated for the impact they can make in gardens. The scent is sweet and they could also be used as a cut flower. Besides looking great in the garden they work really well in containers although they are also very suited for the borders of the garden that sit in sun most of the day.

Soil type: Free draining soils, In heavy soils add grit and or humus to help with drainage.

Height: 2-3 feet (60-90cm)

Aspect: sunnier, warmer parts of the garden


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