Ipheion Rolf Fiedler AGM


Attractive electric blue flowers make this variety great for the alpine house.

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Attractive electric blue flowers. Superb for the alpine house. It is often known by the common name spring star, or spring starflower. Ipheion are very attractive hardy plants from South America. Cultvate soils to a depth of 15cms and plant bulbs 8cms deep and 5cms apart. They like well drained humus rich soils that do not dry out. Split clumps in early autumn or late spring and in the colder gardens mulch well to give winter protection. In early spring ensure young shoots are protected from slugs and snails.

AGM = Awarded a Garden Merit by the RHS for its all round garden performance.

Aspect: Semi to full sun in the warmer parts of the garden

Soil type: Free draining humus rich soils that do not dry out. Acid through to Alkaline

New season top quality bulbs supplied from September onwards

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