Lilium Spectator


Spectator is a new Oriental with white petals that have pale pink stripes down the middle and spotted brown.

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A new one to us this year, Spectator has white petals with pale pink stripes down the middle and spotted brown. Oriental lilies will fill your garden or patio area with fragrance throughout the summer and will naturalise from year to year. Remember to feed during the leaf and flowering stage. Easy to plant and grow, cultivate the soil to a depth of 20cms and plant 15cms deep and 10cms apart. In heavier soils dig in some grit and or humus to help with drainage. Feed during flowering with bonemeal or similar.

Flowering height: 44-48″ (110-120cms)

Aspect: Semi shade to full sun. Happy in the colder parts of the garden.

Soil type: Free draining soils that do not get waterlogged.

Pests. If Lily beetle is a problem either spray with an appropriate insecticide. Alternatively pick off the orange adults and check the und

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