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Navan has lovely oval tubers which have a white skin and creamy flesh.

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This is one of the newer introductions of main crop potato’s. Navan has lovely oval tubers which have a white skin and creamy flesh. They are especially good for chipping and french fries although they are of course also suited for roasting, boiling and baking. Resistance to cyst nematode and potato virus Yo. Especially suited for warmer than average springs as they are tolerant to heat and drought.

Potato’s benefit from being chitted during January to March before planting in March-April.

Chitting is allowing shoots to form on the potato’s and only keep the strongest one or two shoots by breaking off the others. This can be achieved by sitting tubers in trays or egg boxes in an area free from frost.

Potatoes grow well in most soil types but ideally they should be grown in well-drained, loamy soils that are not too heavy. The soil needs to be deep, well dug and will benefit from incorporating plenty of well-rotted matter the previous winter.

Grow the tubers in rows, either by producing a ‘V’ shaped trench 20cms deep and placing the tubers at the bottom and 30cms apart. They can also be planted individually in holes made with a trowel. Traditionally gardeners look to have the rows running north-south as this allows warmth to both sides of the ridges.

Store in a cool light spot before planting.

Aspect: Full sun to semi shade

Soil Type: Free draining soils, sandy to light soils are best but they will grow in heavier soils that do not get too wet.


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