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Collarette Dahlia Collection only £10 Unique Lines
This fantastic collarette dahlia collection comprises 1 each of Fashion Monger, Mary Evelyn, Impr..

Flowering time: July to first frosts
Height: 90-100cm

Dahlia Bishop Collection OFFER ONLY £30 FOR 15 TUBERS
The most popular of all dahlias this is a superb collection which gives 15 tubers in total compri..

Flowering time: July to first frosts
Height: 85-95cm

Dahlia imperialis alba - WHITE Imperialis only £4.75
Dahlia imperialis is one of the tallest varieties that we offer growing up to 10 ft in the UK but..

Flowering time: September to first frosts.
Height: 5-8 ft

New Dahlia Offer save £2.50 - collection only £10
A great collection of new dinner plate dahlias includes X Factor, Peaches & Cream, Kordessa, ..

Flowering time: July to first frosts
Height: 90-120cm

Pendula Begonia offer FREE Basket Starter worth £5
This great offer gives you 15 begonia tubers - 3 each of pink, red, white, yellow and orange and ..

Flowering time: July-September
Height: 35-40cm

Potato Home Guard SPECIAL OFFER 30 Tubers for only £3
Home Guard potatoes are well known for their early lifting ability. Home Guard is an excellent fi..

Planting time: March-April
Harvest: June-July

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