These unusual tulips are much sought after by flower arrangers, the petals of different varieties having varying amounts of green in them. Mid May flowering.

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Tulip Viridiflora Artist AGM
Artist is a lovely viridiflora tulip which is very elegant. The flowers are purple and salmon ros..

Flowering time: May-June
Height: 30-35cm

Tulip Viridiflora Esperanto AGM
Silvery white variegated foliage and a deep china-rose flower flamed green and silver which fades..

Flowering time: May-June
Height: 30-35cm

Tulip Viridiflora Spring Green AGM
The best known of all the viridiflora tulips, Spring Green has stunning ivory white feathere..

Flowering time: May-June
Height: 45-55cm

Tulip Viridiflora Yellow Spring Green
Yellow Spring green is yet another colour combination stemming from the popular viridiflora tulip..

Flowering time: May-June
Height: 45-50cm

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